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10/23 - 5pm hour
Matt Garman
Lunar Ash - Rosa & The Red Thread album artwork 5:19pm Lunar Ash Local Dream Weaver Rosa & The Red Thread (House of Ash)
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Shudder To Think - Pony Express Record album artwork 5:15pm Shudder To Think X-French Tee Shirt Pony Express Record (Epic)
Track Notes: 1994 Add to Collection
5:10pm Menomena TAOS Mines (Barsuk)
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Syl Johnson - Is It Because I 5:05pm Syl Johnson Local I'm Talkin' 'Bout Freedom Is It Because I'm Black (Twinight)
Track Notes: 1970 Add to Collection
5:01pm Moonshake City Poison Eva Luna (Deluxe) (Beggars Arkive)
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10/23 - 4pm hour
4:58pm Koloah Воїн (feat. Туча) Воїн (Salon Imaginalis)
Track Notes: From Kyiv, Ukraine Add to Collection
Crown Lands - Rise Over Run album artwork 4:52pm Crown Lands Waterfall Rise Over Run (self-released)
Track Notes: 2017 Add to Collection
Graveyard - 6 album artwork 4:49pm Graveyard Twice 6 (Nuclear Blast)
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Heatmiser - The Music of Heatmiser album artwork 4:48pm Heatmiser Lowlife ('92 cassette) The Music of Heatmiser (Third Man)
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Vanishing Twin - Afternoon X album artwork 4:43pm Vanishing Twin Afternoon X Afternoon X (Fire)
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4:39pm Cornelius Count Five or Six Fantasma (Matador)
Track Notes: 1998 Add to Collection
Pixel Grip - Bet You Do. album artwork 4:34pm Pixel Grip Local Bet You Do. Bet You Do. (Feeltrip)
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Adulkt Life - There Is No Desire album artwork 4:30pm Adulkt Life Relationship Studies There Is No Desire (JABS)
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Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Diddy Wah Diddy album artwork 4:27pm Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Diddy Wah Diddy Diddy Wah Diddy (Sundazed)
Track Notes: 1966 Add to Collection
Shellac - Uranus album artwork 4:22pm Shellac Wingwalker Uranus (Touch and Go)
Track Notes: 1993 Add to Collection
4:15pm Ty Segall Void Void (Drag City)
Track Notes: 5/6: Thalia Hall Add to Collection
4:07pm Mount Florida Jamaica Street Arrived Phoenix (Matador)
Track Notes: 2001 Add to Collection
Hiatus Kaiyote - Mood Valiant album artwork 4:03pm Hiatus Kaiyote Red Room Mood Valiant (Brainfeeder)
Track Notes: 2021 Add to Collection
4:00pm Roots Manuva Colossal Insight Awfully Deep (Big Dada)
Track Notes: 2005 Add to Collection
10/23 - 3pm hour
Cleo Sol - Heaven album artwork 3:58pm Cleo Sol Nothing on Me Heaven (Forever Living Originals)
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Nora O 3:51pm Nora O'Connor Local My Heart My Heart (Pravda)
Track Notes: Sun. 10/29: Sketchbook Brewing in Skokie Add to Collection
Tré Burt - Traffic Fiction album artwork 3:48pm Tré Burt Santiago Traffic Fiction (Oh Boy)
Add to Collection
Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy album artwork 3:42pm Brian Eno Third Uncle Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (EG)
Track Notes: 1974 Add to Collection
3:38pm The Misfits Die Die My Darling Die Die My Darling (Plan 9)
Track Notes: 1984 Add to Collection
Spoon - Girls Can Tell album artwork 3:36pm Spoon Take A Walk Girls Can Tell (Merge)
Track Notes: 2001 Add to Collection
Daniel Villarreal - Lados B album artwork 3:34pm Daniel Villarreal Local Republic Lados B (International Anthem)
Track Notes: 11/2: Empty Bottle Add to Collection
Yoko Ono - Walking on Thin Ice album artwork 3:26pm Yoko Ono Walking on Thin Ice Walking on Thin Ice (Geffen)
Track Notes: 1981 Add to Collection
Seal - Seal album artwork 3:21pm Seal Crazy Seal (Sire)
Track Notes: 1991 Add to Collection
3:17pm The Serfs Club Deuce Half-Eaten By Dogs (Trouble In Mind)
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Deadbeat - Kübler-Ross Soliloquies album artwork 3:07pm Deadbeat Mountains from Mole Hills (Acceptance II) Kübler-Ross Soliloquies (BLKRTZ)
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