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10/24 - 8am hour
Michael B.
8:32am The Babys Back On My Feet Again Union Jacks (Chrysalis)
Track Notes: Two-fer: It's the same song (almost). And even better, neither is even the original version. Add to Collection
Sweet - Platinum Rare album artwork 8:29am Sweet Yesterday's Hero Platinum Rare (Prudential Music Group)
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Andrew Bird - Are You Serious album artwork 8:23am Andrew Bird Local Left Handed Kisses Are You Serious (Loma Vista)
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8:23am Johnny Cash Bridge Over Troubled Water American IV: The Man Comes Around (American)
Track Notes: Two-fer: By request from Mike H who promises there is a connection between these two songs. Maybe I'll figure it out. Regardless, it's a two-fer request and as long as it works for him, that's good enough for me. Add to Collection
Andrew Bird - Are You Serious album artwork 8:19am Andrew Bird Local Are You Serious Are You Serious (Loma Vista)
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Wilco - Being There album artwork 8:17am Wilco Local Far, Far Away Being There (Reprise)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Wilco. New and old (and Far, Far Away makes me think of Chicago even more than Via Chicago, go figure... truth be told, Via Chicago makes me think of an ex who lived in SF (the line about killing you on the Embarcadero)). Oversharing here in the song notes. Add to Collection
Wilco - Cousin album artwork 8:12am Wilco Local Evicted Cousin (dBpm)
Add to Collection
Elvin Bishop - Struttin 8:05am Elvin Bishop Fooled Around And Fell In Love Struttin' My Stuff (Capricorn)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Mickey Thomas. Thomas was a singer during this era of Jefferson Starship. And he was also the vocalist on this Elvis Bishop hit (maybe his only). Anyway, embarassed for how late in life I learned that wasn't Elvin Bishop singing. Add to Collection
Jefferson Starship - Modern Times album artwork 8:01am Jefferson Starship Find Your Way Back Modern Times (Grunt)
Add to Collection
Pickle Darling - Laundromat album artwork 8:00am Pickle Darling King of Joy Laundromat (Father/Daughter Records)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Kiwi bands. And both with Christchurch roots. And both obscenely short songs. Add to Collection
10/24 - 7am hour
Jim Nothing - In the Marigolds album artwork 7:58am Jim Nothing Seahorse Kingdom In the Marigolds (Meritorio)
Add to Collection
Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters album artwork 7:52am Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb Scissor Sisters (Polydor)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Pink Floyd covers. A request from Vic! Add to Collection
Voivod - Nothingface album artwork 7:48am Voivod Astronomy Domine Nothingface (MCA)
Add to Collection
Daniel Johnston - Fun album artwork 7:39am Daniel Johnston Life In Vain Fun (Atlantic)
Track Notes: Two-fer: The late Daniel Johnston. Will never not warp my small mind that labels were desperately chasing cool in the early 90s so much that Johnston got a major label release. Add to Collection
7:37am Daniel Johnston (w/ Yo La Tengo) Speeding Motorcycle Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo (Matador)
Track Notes: Bonus intra two-fer: This Daniel Johnston collab with Yo La Tengo is the same as the Jeff Buckley song. Johnston is singing over the phone with Yo La Tengo in the WFMU studios. Add to Collection
7:32am Jeff Buckley I Shall Be Released WFMU Music Faucet (N/A)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Jeff Buckley. Both non-album tracks. Night Flight is a Zeppelin cover from a bootleg of Grace outtakes. The Dylan cover is from a WFMU show The Music Faucet where Buckley called in and sang over the phone with a band playing in studio. Add to Collection
Jeff Buckley - Grace Outtakes album artwork 7:28am Jeff Buckley Night Flight Grace Outtakes (N/A)
Add to Collection
7:24am Vince Taylor And The Playboys Brand New Cadillac Vince Taylor And The Playboys (EMI)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Not The Clash. Think plenty of people know Police On My Back is a cover but far fewer are aware Brand New Cadillac is also a cover. Maybe... What do I know? Add to Collection
The Equals - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys...The Anthology album artwork 7:20am The Equals Police On My Back Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys...The Anthology (Sequel Records)
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Jay Reatard - Blood Visions album artwork 7:18am Jay Reatard Puppet Man Blood Visions (In the Red)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Puppets. Presumably the Puppet Man is engaged in Puppet Smut. Add to Collection
7:16am Damage Dames Local Puppet Smut Buffalo Wild Women (Self-released)
Add to Collection
Jenny Lewis - The Voyager album artwork 7:11am Jenny Lewis The Voyager The Voyager (Warner Bros.)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Voyagers with and without the definite article (hey, tryna work in some rotation on the fly here, cut me some slack if this ain't the most creative pairing). Add to Collection
7:08am boygenius Voyager the rest (Interscope)
Add to Collection
7:01am Bob Dylan Idiot Wind Blood On The Tracks - The New York Sessions (Swinging Pig)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Dylan (duh). But alternate takes. Forever Young is from the Biograph box set. This version of Idiot Wind is from a bootleg of trashed sessions for Blood On The Tracks. Some of these appeared on an RSD release a couple of years ago. Add to Collection
10/24 - 6am hour
Bob Dylan - Biograph album artwork 6:58am Bob Dylan Forever Young Biograph (Columbia)
Add to Collection
John Prine - Fair & Square album artwork 6:52am John Prine Clay Pigeons Fair & Square (Oh Boy Records)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Blaze Foley. Lucinda's song was about Foley and Prine covers Foley. Add to Collection
6:50am Lucinda Williams Drunken Angel Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (Alternate Version) (Mercury)
Add to Collection
Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves album artwork 6:45am Junior Murvin Police & Thieves Police & Thieves (Island)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Titles are synonyms. Cops/Police. Robbers/Thieves. Add to Collection
underscores - Wallsocket album artwork 6:40am underscores Cops and robbers Wallsocket (Mom+Pop)
Add to Collection
6:33am Frank Sinatra My Kind of Town The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings (Reprise)
Track Notes: Two-fer: Frank Sinatra with two different songs about Chicago. Add to Collection
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