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CHIRP Radio Charts

Top 50 for the Week of 12/19/2022

  1. SZASOS (Top Dawg Entertainment/RCA)

  2. EggsA Glitter Year (Prefect/Howlin' Banana)

  3. The Cool GreenhouseSod's Toastie (Melodic)

  4. dreamcastmoeSound Is Like Water (Ghostly International/Spectral Sound )

  5. SmutHow the Light Felt (Bayonet)

  6. Breanna BarbaraNothin' But Time (Fuzz Club)

  7. FousheésoftCORE (RCA)

  8. Peace RegimeSpell Bloody (Chicago Research)

  9. Flex TMGWhisper Swish (Domestic Departure)

  10. Fievel Is GlauqueFlaming Swords (Math Interactive)

  11. Mykki BlancoStay Close To Music (Transgressive/PIAS)

  12. MarloweMarlowe 3 (Mello Music Group)

  13. SwearwordsNo Place in America (self-released)

  14. Bow & SpearWay Vivid (Triple Hammer)

  15. MINISKIRTMiniskirt S/T EP (self-released)

  16. Doleful LionsCaramel Electric (self-released)

  17. SmirkMaterial (Feel It)

  18. Gay MeatBed of Every (Self Aware)

  19. Gaye Su AkyolAnadolu Ejderi (Glitterbeat)

  20. Various ArtistsSaigon Supersound Vol. 3 (Saigon Supersound)

  21. Sarathy KorwarKalak (The Leaf Label)

  22. RöyksoppProfound Mysteries III (Dog Triumph / PIAS )

  23. Ben LaMar GayCertain Reveries (International Anthem)

  24. Dalibor CruzDeviance EP (Chicago Research)

  25. Maku Sica with Hamid Drake, Thymme Jones, Tatsu AokiFormless (Feeding Tube)

  26. Various ArtistsRare Global Pop 1980s (Crammed Archives 2) (Crammed Discs)

  27. Gold PandaThe Work (City Slang)

  28. Holy TongueIII (Amidah)

  29. White LungPremonition (Domino)

  30. Roy MontgomeryCamera Melancholia (Grapefruit)

  31. Dezron DouglasATALAYA (International Anthem)

  32. Adrian QuesadaJaguar Sound (ATO)

  33. NightshiftMade of the Earth (Trouble in Mind)

  34. TomagaExtended Play 1 & 2 (Hands in the Dark)

  35. Mary HalvorsonBelladonna (Nonesuch)

  36. Shake ChainSnake Chain (Upset the Rhythm)

  37. Bret Koontz & Truancy ClubA Sparkle Road Cult (Earth Libraries)

  38. Spaces of DisappearanceVirtue (self-released)

  39. Children Maybe LaterWhat A Flash Kick! (Slothmate Productions)

  40. Dana BuoyExperiments in Plant-Based Music: Vol. 1 (Everlong)

  41. Joseph DecosimoWhile You Were Slumbering (Sleepy Cat)

  42. DrowseWane Into It (The Flenser)

  43. Tyondai BraxtonTelekinesis (New Amsterdam/Nonesuch)

  44. Mount KimbieMK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning (Warp)

  45. Aoife Nessa FrancesProtector (Partisan)

  46. Rider/HorseFeed 'Em Salt (Ever/Never)

  47. Nervous EatersMonsters + Angels (Wicked Cool)

  48. Massa NeraDerramar | Querer | Borrar (Zegema Beach)

  49. ElderInnate Passage (Stickman)

  50. Marcus PaquinOur Love (Birthday Cake)

This week's adds

  1. BeastiiB.E.A.S.T.I.I. (What's For Breakfast)

  2. Rattlesnake MilkChicken Fried Snake (Feels So Good)

  3. Moriah BaileyI Tried Words (Keeled Scales)

  4. Brother DerekParade Rest (Space Heater)

  5. Dead MeadowForce Form Free (Blues Funeral)

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