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CHIRP Radio Charts

Top 50 for the Week of 01/02/2023

  1. 1SZA (SOS)
  2. 2The Cool Greenhouse (Sod's Toastie)
  3. 3Eggs (A Glitter Year)
  4. 4Smut (How the Light Felt)
  5. 5Frank Okay (Escape from Chicago)
  6. 6beastii (B.E.A.S.T.I.I.)
  7. 7Breanna Barbara (Nothin' But Time)
  8. 8dreamcastmoe (Sound Is Like Water)
  9. 9Gold Panda (The Work)
  10. 10Compilation (Typical Girls Volume 6)
  11. 11Smirk (Material)
  12. 12Compilation (Rare Global Pop 1980s (Crammed Archives 2))
  13. 13White Lung (Premonition)
  14. 14Fousheé (softCORE)
  15. 15Rattlesnake Milk (Chicken Fried Snake)
  16. 16Adrian Quesada (Jaguar Sound)
  17. 17Peace Regime (Spell Bloody)
  18. 18Brother Derek (Parade Rest)
  19. 19Sarathy Korwar (Kalak)
  20. 20Fievel Is Glauque (Flaming Swords)
  21. 21Blessed (Circuitous)
  22. 22Joseph Decosimo (While You Were Slumbering)
  23. 23Ben LaMar Gay (Certain Reveries)
  24. 24MINISKIRT (Miniskirt S/T EP)
  25. 25Maku Sica with Hamid Drake, Thymme Jones, Tatsu Aoki (Formless)
  26. 26Doleful Lions (Caramel Electric)
  27. 27Mykki Blanco (Stay Close To Music)
  28. 28Flex TMG (Whisper Swish)
  29. 29Marlowe (Marlowe 3)
  30. 30Nervous Eaters (Monsters + Angels)
  31. 31Compilation (Saigon Supersound Vol. 3)
  32. 32The Orielles (Tableau)
  33. 33Dalibor Cruz (Deviance EP)
  34. 34Obe (EP)
  35. 35Bow & Spear (Way Vivid)
  36. 36Gay Meat (Bed of Every)
  37. 37Gaye Su Akyol (Anadolu Ejderi)
  38. 38Dana Buoy (Experiments in Plant-Based Music: Vol. 1)
  39. 39Dezron Douglas (ATALAYA)
  40. 40Drowse (Wane Into It)
  41. 41Shells (Outside)
  42. 42Nightshift (Made of the Earth)
  43. 43Röyksopp (Profound Mysteries III)
  44. 44Spaces of Disappearance (Virtue)
  45. 45Children Maybe Later (What A Flash Kick!)
  46. 46Shake Chain (Snake Chain)
  47. 47Hallelujahs (Eat Meat, Swear an Oath)
  48. 48Mount Kimbie (MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning)
  49. 49Aoife Nessa Frances (Protector)
  50. 50Swearwords (No Place in America)

This week's adds

  • Ready for Death Ready for Death (Translation Loss)
  • Almond JoyOh Henry! (Perennial/K)
  • GaloreBlush (Paisley Shirt)
  • The Holy CircleDon't Disturb My Waking Dream (Deathbomb Arc)

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