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Tyler Clark presents: Local Mythologies writesCHIRP Battle of the Bands 2016: Round Two

There will be no repeat champion in the 2016 CHIRP Battle of the Bands. In Round One's biggest upset, last year's winner Modern Vices fell in a shocker to electronic esoterica masters Bitchin Bajas. The surprise fall of the defending champs wasn't the only unexpected result; industry titans Kanye West and Wilco also bowed out early, taken down decisively by DIY stalwarts Lil Tits and Meat Wave, respectively. There were close matches, too; in the round's narrowest margin, Twin Peaks beat out ShowYouSuck by just four votes.

Who will emerge from the sawmill of democracy that is Round Two? There's only one way to find out. Voting for Round Two closes on Wednesday, April 6 at 6 p.m. Now, get out there and help us crown a new champion.

The Wilco Regional



#8 Seed: Meat Wave
Second Round Song: "Delusion Moon" 
How They Won Last Round: Rallied an army of DIY kids to hassle dad rock statesmen Wilco.

#5 Seed: The Kickback
Second Round Song: "Scorched Earth Brouhaha"
How They Won Last Round: Yanked the football away at the last second from nu-emo standardbearer Into It. Over It.





#6 Seed: Psalm One
Second Round Song: "Plenty of Wins"
How They Won Last Round: Cast a lyrical net over former harpooner Ezra Furman. 

#2 Seed: Twin Peaks
Second Round Song: "Butterfly"
How They Won Last Round: Managed to juuuuust out-party party rap impresario ShowYouSuck.



The Kanye Regional



#8 Seed: Lil Tits
Second Round Song: "New Digs"
How They Won Last Round: Pulled the rug out from under Tracy Jordan impersonator Kanye West.

#5 Seed: Clearance
Second Round Song: "Total Closeout"
How They Won Last Round: Wore handmade Stephen Malkmus masks and frightened buzzbin survivors Veruca Salt.





#6 Seed: Flesh Panthers
Second Round Song: "Teethe"
How They Won Last Round: Rolled up the sleeves of their leather jackets and socked alt elders Eleventh Dream Day.

#7 Seed: Bitchin Bajas
Second Round Song: "Bueu"
How They Won Last Round: Trapped latter-day greasers Modern Vices in an inscrutable labyrinth of electronic sound.




The Chance Regional



#1 Seed: Chance the Rapper
Second Round Song: "Juice"
How They Won Last Round: Caught indie popkateers In Tall Buildings listening to Acid Rap at halftime.

#5 Seed: Ego
Second Round Song: "Oh! Methusaleh"
How They Won Last Round: Called upon the power of the zodiac to short-circuit Circuit des Yeux.





#3 Seed: Tortoise
Second Round Song: "Yonder Blue"
How They Won Last Round: Out-experimented fellow experimental scene vet Jim O'Rourke.

#2 Seed: Andrew Bird
Second Round Song: "Capsized"
How They Won Last Round: Plucked out his own victory music during a spat with pop engineer Sam Prekop.



The Mavis Regional



#1 Seed: Mavis Staples
Second Round Song: "I Like The Things About Me"
How They Won Last Round: Focused seven decades of soul into a blow that stunned garage ragamuffins Mutts.

#4 Seed: J Fernandez
Second Round Song: "Cosmic Was"
How They Won Last Round: Summoned a spring breeze to blow away R&B it girl Tink.




#6 Seed: Swimsuit Addition
Second Round Song: "Talk Is Cheap"
How They Won Last Round: Washed away Casio crooner Advance Base with a tidal wave full of razorblades.

#2 Seed: Waco Brothers
Second Round Song: "Had Enough"
How They Won Last Round: Performed a country-fried dismantling of deft MC Vic Mensa.



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