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SKaiser writesA few words with Strange Wilds

They don't mind if you compare them to Nirvana. After all, Strange Wilds are a grunge rock group from Seattle and signed with the Sub Pop label. Currently touring the US and Canada with latest tracks from their July 2015 release, Subjective Concepts, the trio made a recent stop in Chicago. CHIRP Radio gives you the skinny.  

Allen Trainer (drums), Sean Blomgren (bass) and Steven Serna (guitar/vocals) formed Strange Wilds in 2012.

CHIRP: Congratulations on releasing Subjective Concepts over the summer! How are you feeling about the first months its been out there? 

Strange Wilds: It's pretty crazy to finally have the physical release. Never thought we'd be lucky enough to be on such an awesome label like Sub Pop so it's really exciting. At the same time we're basically a brand new band so it's been slow going getting our name out there but that's what touring is for.

CHIRP: Tell us a bit about the growth or change Strange Wilds experienced from one album to the next.

Strange Wilds: We've had two releases before this but this is our first real full length album. The others were just EPs. I'd say our song writing has gotten more dynamic. Honestly we kind of rushed this record and we're already looking forward to the next one, we've got a lot of ideas that we're real excited about.

CHIRP: How are you guys feeling at this point in your tour? 

Strange Wilds: Tour is fun. This first leg has been rough, a lot of long drives and we had our van broken into on the first day. They got some of our personal stuff so that was a bummer. We're looking forward to getting to the east coast where we've never played before. This is a big tour so we won't get back home until around the end of November.

CHIRP: Whoa, do you know who broke into your van or what happened?

Strange Wilds: No, it was just someone who has been targeting that venue for awhile. Unfortunately no one told us that until after it happened. We would have gladly found a parking garage to park in otherwise. We were able to get the window fixed and a new passport for me the next day but everything else was a loss.

CHIRP: How'd your Chicago show go? Is it similar to your music scene back home?

Strange Wilds: Chicago was cool. It would be hard to compare it to where we're from. Olympia is a much different place that's for sure. But we're always stoked when we play a new place and people are into us. That's kind of why we do this.


CHIRP: Tell us about your "Pronoia" video production. Nice work all around.

Strange Wilds: We started with one idea which was us playing in piles of trash, and then we just threw in a bunch of other weird stuff we thought would fit that vibe. It was a short but hard process. Everything in the video was put together by us. I collected garbage from my job for like three weeks. It's was super fun though.

CHIRP: Strange Wilds is carving its own path - does it bother you when people compare you to Nirvana?

Strange Wilds: We don't mind the Nirvana comparisons, they are a huge influence on this project. We just want people to come check us out live and chill hard while grooving to our tunes.

CHIRP: Would you say you're a mutually collaborative band, or does only one of you write lyrics, or melodies, etc?

Strange Wilds: It's about half and half. I write all the lyrics but we collaborate on all the music stuff. Someone will bring in some riffs and we jam out a structure. Once we're happy with that I'll put vocals to it after I figure out what I think sounds good.

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