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SKaiser writesOverlooked Albums of 2014: The Presidents of the United States’ Kudos to You!

The Presidents Of The United States of America | Kudos to You! | PUSA

There's something to be said about not giving a f*ck when it comes to worthless opinionated pressures around you. Instead of settling for less of yourself, why not embrace the irreverent and let go. The Presidents Of The United States Of America seem to have mastered this approach for over two decades now. It seemed their last album released in 2008, These are The Good Times People, would in fact be their last; but alas, in February 2014 they released Kudos To You! It was for fun. It was for play. But that's what we love about PUSA. What more could you expect but a shit eating grin growing wider as each track passes by with lyrics of fruit, spiders, fleas, mites, a finger monster, and one crappy ghost. The indie rock, gotta keep some twang, with a smear of grunge that launched PUSA in the early 90's is sprinkled throughout, but it's relevant and genuine to who they are today. Well, it's relevant to all of us really. Who hasn't looked in the rearview mirror of a heartbreak and laughed at the hilarity of wallowing in self-pity. Thank you for reminding us in "Poor Little Me", PUSA. And raise your had if you're scared of a little "Finger Monster". Anyone? This is an album to lift your spirits or rotate at an upcoming shindig. Possibly next summer when you're swinging from a "rope (tied) around a branch, flying into a swimming hole / in Oh-hi-oh". 

Chris Ballew (vocals, bassitar) | Jason Finn (drums, vocals) | Andrew McKeag (guitbass, vocals)


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Categorized: Album Reviews

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