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Tyler Clark presents: Local Mythologies writesCHIRP Battle of the Bands 2015: Round Two

It's the third Friday in March, and we're nearing the midpoint of the greatest four days in American sports. However, just because we spent all day at work watching the NBA stars (and car dealership owners) of tomorrow battle for the NCAA championship doesn't mean we've forgotten our own barcket. Round Two of the 2015 CHIRP Battle of the Bands begins today, and with it come the results from Round One. Some matchups were close: #2 seed White Mystery eeked out a win against #7 seed Serengeti by only six votes. Others weren't quite nailbiters; thanks to a spirited social media campaign, #8 seed Flesh Panthers toppled Chicago legend and #1 seed Mavis Staples for this round's biggest upset. Fellow #1 seed Kanye West also fell, leaving the Panthers and fellow #8 seeds Modern Vices as our tournament's biggest Cinderellas so far.

How will they fare in Round Two? That's up to you. Voting for Round Two closes at 6pm on Wednesday, March 25. Check out the matchups below, weigh in, and argue your case in the comments section.


The Wilco Regional


#1 Seed: Wilco
Second Round Song: "Wishful Thinking"
Band Mascot: The Number Stations

#5 Seed: Tortoise
Second Round Song: "Glass Museum"
Band Mascot: The Slowness


#6 Seed: Braid 
Second Round Song:
Band Mascot: The Threadbare Hoodies

#2 Seed: White Mystery
Second Round Song: "Birthday"
Band Mascot: The Runnin' Redheads



The Pumpkins Regional

#1 Seed: Smashing Pumpkins
Second Round Song: "Today"
Band Mascot: The Headless-And-Sad-About-It Horsemen

#4 Seed: How To Dress Well
Second Round Song: "Words I Don't Remember"
Band Mascot: The Haberdashers


#3 Seed: Twin Peaks 
Second Round Song: "Making Breakfast"
Band Mascot: The Duuuuuuuuudes

#2 Seed: Chance The Rapper
Second Round Song: "Juice"
Band Mascot: The Rhyming Dictionaries



The Mavis Regional


#8 Seed: Flesh Panthers
Second Round Song: "Nervous Breakdown"
Band Mascot: The Dirty T-Shirts

#4 Seed: Mucca Pazza
Second Round Song: "Chick Habit"
Band Mascot: The Fightin' Piccolos


#3 Seed: The Orwells
Second Round Song: "Let It Burn"
Band Mascot: The Double-Plus Goods

#2 Seed: Lupe Fiasco
Second Round Song: "Superstar"
Band Mascot: The Guest Verses




The Kanye Regional


#8 Seed: Modern Vices
Second Round Song: "Pleasure Gun"
Band Mascot: The Shirtsleeve Cigarettes

#4 Seed: Califone
Second Round Song: "Frosted Tips"
Band Mascot: The Replacement Needles


#3 Seed: Andrew Bird
Second Round Song: "Sovay"
Band Mascot: The Fiddlers Three

#2 Seed: Common
Second Round Song: "Testify"
Band Mascot: The Elder Statesmen


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