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K-Tel DJ Profile

I grew up on the radio and devoured everything rock-and-pop I could get my hands on. Scraped together my allowance to buy my own first album - it was either Rush's Moving Pictures or Pat Benatar's Crimes of Passion (or, um, maybe the Bee Gees' Sgt. Pepper). Before that, I had to tape Casey Kasem's Top 40 countdown off the Sunday radio and bribe my older sister to tape her Van Halen records for me. Fave genres are protopunk/garage, punk, post-punk, power pop, and I have a big soft spot for '70s AM yacht/cornball pop-rock. At UNC-Chapel Hill, I interned for the now-defunct Moist/Baited Breath indie label, wrote music reviews and conducted band interviews for The Daily Tar Heel and other local rags. Best interview of my life, though, was not really music related: Mister Rogers. But, yep, he played the ukelele.

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