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Tony Breed writesOctopus Pie takes on The Shaggs

The intersection of webcomics and music got a little richer this week with Meredith Gran’s Octopus Pie telling a story centered around The Shaggs.

The Shaggs are… hard to describe. They couldn’t really play their instruments, but they don’t have any kind of punk or garage aesthetic. They go a step beyond that DIY sound. As musicians, it’s not just that they can’t play; it sounds like they’re not even in the same room as each other. And yet they have a real winsome quality; an earnestness.

Here; just do this. First, go read the story at Octopus Pie then give them a listen on YouTube.

Octopus Pie tells the story of two young roommates in Brooklyn navigating the world of relationships and hipsters.

(And speaking of hipsters! My favorite assessment of hipsters remains “Everyone’s seen a hipster but nobody is one” — but I also suggest you check out Kate Beaton’s take on hipsters through the ages: part one and part two.)

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Topics: webcomics

Tony Breed writesMore comics about music for your edification

I just found a couple of interesting new things in the twin worlds of indie/web comics and music.

First, a indie publisher called Poseur Ink will very shortly be releasing an anthology of comics about music called Side B. Contributors include Chicago’s own Jeffrey Brown (who designed CHIRP’s Record Fair poster and t-shirt — contact us for more info on how to get one!), as well as Mitch Clem and Box Brown.

Side B, as you may imagine, is a follow up to their 2007 release Side A.

Meanwhile, I Love Tapes is a new web comic about a band. It’s a collaboration between Ned Hugar, who’s also a contributor to Side B, and Frank Gibson, who contributed to Side A. And in addition to the satire of the indie rock scene, Frank and Ned periodically post streaming mixes. How fun is that?

(Incidentally, Frank writes another comic called Tiny Kitten Teeth, in collaboration with Becky Dreistadt. It’s not about music, but go check it out anyway. The art reminds me of what you might see if you wandered through the art section of a thrift store while on psychedelic drugs.)

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Topics: webcomics