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Patrick Seymour - Dizzy Spells writesAn Interview With Spot and Joe Carducci of SST Records

Spot and Joe Carducci may be best known for their work at the seminal record label SST in the early to mid-'80s working with bands like Black Flag, Minutemen, Husker Du, Saccharine Trust, Saint Vitus, and many others, but that is only a small portion their talents. Spot is also a musician and a photographer who published his first book of photography last year, Sounds of Two Eyes Opening - Southern California Life : Skate/Beach/Punk 1969-1982 (Sinecure Books). His photos show his sharp eye in documenting the active multifaceted southern Californian scene.

Joe Carducci is the author of four books including Rock and the Pop Narcotic, Enter Naomi: SST, LA and All That… and most recently a collection of essays and interviews Life Against Dementia (all available via Redoubt Press). His forthcoming book Stone Male: Requiem for the Living Picture is coming out next year.

Spot and Joe will be in Chicago this Saturday 12/12 at 3pm for a free reading and Q&A at Permanent Records.

Spot, your book Sounds of Two Eyes Opening documents the Punk, Surf, and Skate culture of the time. In what ways were they linked and how were they different? How did you get started as a photographer?

SPOT: Those three activities were all happening concurrently in Hermosa Beach, away from the media eye of the rest of LA. Of course, everyone saw HB as a surf enclave, which it was, and paid no attention to the rollerskating, skateboarding or trash rocking. In that regard, all they saw was Venice, Dogtown and Hollywood. We lived in this sad, friendly stew of dying hippiedom and lingering post-beatism. There was a "beach folk" mentality holding it all together that was exhilarating and depressing, and then there was the fog. No secret about photography. Just something I'd wanted to do since I was a kid. Got a serious camera in 1969 and figured it out and didn't look back.



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