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Lily writesSix Songs to Play For Your “Gal-entine’s Day”

by Lily Wellen

Valentine’s Day has always been a silly holiday for me. It is supposed to be a day for showing love to your significant other, which to be honest I don't have usually. However, Parks and Recreation soon came into my life and shed some light. When I found out about their invented holiday, “Galentine’s Day,” all of this made sense to me. This holiday shouldn’t be exclusive to the significant others, it should be about celebrating anyone you love in your life in this case specifically your gal pals. Because of this, I decided to put together a list of songs to celebrate the lovely women in your life. Head to brunch, maybe even at JJ’s Diner, and press play on these songs.

“Woman” by Kesha

How do you not feel empowered after hearing this tune? She discusses the strength and power women have on their own and with each other. And, she makes you feel like you are a complete badass. It is the perfect anthem to celebrate ladies in our lives.

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Topics: corrinne bailey rae, florence and the machine, keri hilson, kesha, m.i.a., tlc

Mike Bennett writesFriday iPod/MP3 Shuffle—Happy Birthday M.I.A. Edition

Today, one of more talked about recording artists of recent times, M.I.A., turns 39 years old. Mathangi Arulpragasm was born in London of Sri Lankan decent. Her family moved to Sri Lanka where, according to M.I.A., her father was part of the rebel Tamil Tigers insurgency. Life in Sri Lanka with a rebel father was unusual, with constant threats, and eventually, her family, minus her father, came back to London. She first pursued visual arts, and only in 2001, with encouragement of Peaches, did M.I.A. start making music. Using basic drum machines, she cut her first demo, and eventually met up with Diplo and releasing the Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape, which introduced a larger audience to M.I.A.’s multi-cultural music with some hip-hop aspects and sloganeering lyrics. This was a precursor to the more polished debut album, Arular, named after her father. With songs like “Bucky Done Gun” and “Sunshowers”, she established herself as a major new artist. The follow up, Kala, founder her expanding her artistry further, but the divisive Maya album, with radically altered song structures, stalled her momentum, along with controversies surrounding her authenticity as a politically motivated artists and stupid Super Bowl hi-jinks. She regained some artistic footing with last year’s Matangi album, as she still stands as someone who is imitated. In honor of M.I.A., please grab your iPod or MP3 player, hit shuffle and share the first 10 songs that come up.

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