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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesHüsker Dü and the Birth of Alternative Rock

CHIRP Radio's Citations presents interesting and informative content about Chicago or music (or both) from around the Web.

Here's Trash Theory's excellent video essay that talks about the legendary band Hüsker Dü and how they helped shape what's come to be known as Alternative Rock.

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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesFriday MP3 Shuffle: Happy Birthday Grant Hart Edition

(photo from Blurt)

Today we wish a Happy Birthday to Grant Hart, drummer, singer and co-songwriter for seminal Rock band Hüsker Dü. Slamming into the hardcore scene with SST records, the band’s mid-‘80s trio of albums (Zen Arcade, New Day Rising, and Flip Your Wig) are about as close as you can get to required listening for anyone interested in the style. Those records left a permanent impression even as the band later moved into more melodic directions that would influence Alternative and “College” Rock groups from the Pixies to Nirvana to those guys making all that noise in the garage down the street.

Hart later struck out on his own, switching to guitar and forming the band Nova Mob as well as working as a solo artist. But there’s no question that the group he started with is on the short list of “Bands That Really Need to Get Together for a Reunion While Everyone Is Still Alive.” While tensions have been high among the group members post-breakup, it seems that there may be a recent thawing of relations. In the next few years, look for rumors to build about a possible get-together which, if it ever became a reality, would be something special.

Let’s wish the good Mr. Hart a happy birthday by pressing the “shuffle” button on your MP3 player and sharing the first 10 songs you hear:

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