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Beatnik writesThurston Moore Group Playing Two Nights At The Empty Bottle!

The latest release from Thurston Moore is a testament to the expanse of his sonic empire and the sheer force of his capabilities in orchestration. With just three tracks clocking in at a staggering two and a half hours, Spirit Counsel guides, thrusts, and jostles listeners through a jungle of space and time.

The oil-painted landscape of Spirit Counsel layers its textures and tones, and is a natural progression for Moore, whose body of work both as a founding member of Sonic Youth as well as an established solo artist bends the lines of genres and exposes their highs and lows. Fans of Sonic Youth will be pleased to find the unmistakable, grinding assault of instrumentation that defines Moore’s style, while those seeking a more refined approach may approach the silky chord and theme progressions with a mature ear. 

CHIRP is excited to host the Thurston Moore Group at The Empty Bottle for two shows on December 12th and 13th. Doors open at 9pm, and tickets are still available for Thursday’s event. Contact The Empty Bottle with inquiries about tickets for Friday's sold-out show.

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SKaiser writesMoniker Records & Trouble In Mind * Triple Release Party at The Empty Bottle: Friday, August 22!

Moniker Records and Trouble In Mind are bringing you a triple release party this Friday, August 22, at The Empty Bottle!

The Pen Test is celebrating the release of Biology, a Moniker Records 7”  described as “creation
of a place where rigidness and chance dictate the event through the forcing of the accidental.” The creators? Brian Hitchcock and Patrick Scott-Walsh of Athens, GA, then Minneapolis, MN.  Biology offers psychedelic, electronic krautrock with solid minimalistic arrangements. You don’t want to miss.

Stacian / Gel Set will open the night with combined aggressive, yet heavenly force. "Voorhees" is their first Moniker Records 12” together. It’s all the reason you need to float off in space, and then straight back down to the dance floor. Laura Callier and Dania Luck, from Chicago and Milwaukee respectively, take synth, pop and electronic sound to a new fantastical level. Stacian sets the tone with urgency and Gel Set strips the layers to core beats. Did we mention you’ll want to dance?

The solo project of Whitney Johnson from Verma is everything you want called Matchess. On August 26, Matchess releases Seraphastra, a digital LP with Trouble In Mind Records. This album makes a welcome vinyl appearance after a limited cassette release in 2013. In it, Johnson takes her own approach to modern spiritual synth music. Prepare to be unprepared for subtle melodies to suddenly find their way in the path of a squealing guitar. It happens, and it’s good.

The show starts at 9:00 PM. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased by clicking here.

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Kelsey Phillips writesJoin CHIRP for Bass Drum of Death at the Empty Bottle on Thursday Jan. 30!

Nothing beats being frozen solid like getting your ears busted (in a positive, non-literal way) by a bass drum.

This Thursday, CHIRP welcomes Bass Drum of Death to the Empty Bottle for a truly dope lineup. Hailing from Oxford, Mississippi, John Barrett's one-time solo act has evolved into a trio over the years, banging out some gritty garage rock that can get downright evil. BDOD is joined by local four-piece Blasted Diplomats, sure to bring us some solid hooks and straight blue-collar rock. Opening up the night with some good vibes is Chicago's own The Lemons, who's pop-rock is guaranteed to make you feel warm even in the negative 25 degree windchill.

This is one serious lineup that you won't want to miss. Head to the Empty Bottle this Thursday, January 30th and check it out. The 21+ show starts at 9pm and tickets are only $10. See you there!

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