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Mike Nikolich writesTenci & DPCD Will Create an Intimate Atmosphere At CHIRP Night at the Whistler!

Chicago’s burgeoning indie music scene is loaded with talent, and two of the city’s most promising singer/songwriter acts, Tenci and DPCD, share the bill at Wednesday’s edition of CHIRP Night at the Whistler at 8:30 pm. Tickets are free show but you will need to RSVP to this 21+ show.

Tenci, featuring guitarist/vocalist Jess Shoman and bassist/vocalist Tina Scarpello, will appeal to anyone who appreciates the artistry of Aldous Harding, Liz Phair and early Joni Mitchell. Tenci, which was named in honor of Jess’s grandmother, Hortencia, began as a solo project, producing the EP I Opened My Mouth and Nothing Came Out. Seven months ago, Jess began working with Tina, who also is a member of the band Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else. Later this year, they will release their first full-length album, My Heart is an Open Field.

DPCD is a singer-songwriter project led by Iverson guitarist/pianist Alec Watson, with support from Iverson percussionist/guitarist Ethan Parcell and vocalist Samantha Connour. Their first album, Good Visions, features nine acoustic songs that highlight Watson’s finger-picking guitar style and soft, emotive vocals, drawing comparisons to artists like Sufjan Stevens, Ryley Walker, Elizabeth Cotten and Nick Drake.

I had the chance to sit down with Tenci and DPCD to discuss their music, artists that influenced them and what they have in store for the Whistler crowd.

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Mike Nikolich writesEgo Mechanics Will Rock the Whistler Crowd

CHIRP is such a vital part of Chicago’s incredible music scene, and one of the benefits of being a volunteer is having the opportunity to hear great new music by deserving artists like Ego Mechanics.

In December 2017, CHIRP volunteer Seth Arp posted on Facebook about his band performing at the Elbo Room. I checked out the band and debuted their song, “Burnt Orange,” on my show. Arp commented, “My Band’s new single, ‘Burnt Orange’ was featured on the radio here in Chicago tonight! I’m not getting shit for sleep tonight! I’m over the moon right now. Ever since I picked up a guitar and started writing songs, I’ve dreamt of this. Three years ago, I decided to take my music career seriously and today is another one of what will be many milestones along my path. So thankful, so happy, so excited!”

“Burnt Orange” has received a lot of airplay on CHIRP since then, and the band is headlining CHIRP Night at the Whistler on Wednesday, March 27. Tickets are free, but you will need to RSVP to this 21+ show.

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Mike Nikolich writesDiagonal Returns from Successful East Coast Tour

Chicago has one of the world’s most vibrant garage and psychedelic music scenes, and Diagonal is one of the city’s greatest ambassadors. The sextet just returned from an East Coast tour to support its first full-length album, Tomorrow, and performed many of the tracks from that LP when it headlined CHIRP Night at the Whistler on October 24th.

The band features Dan Jarvis (guitar and keyboards), Alex Brumley (guitar), Andy Ryan (vocals), Dale Price (bass), Silas Mishler (guitar/keys/noise) and Chris Detlaff (drums). Tomorrow features 11 reverb-soaked tracks that feature touches of garage, shoegaze and psychedelic music. Several CHIRP DJs, including me, list Tomorrow among our top albums of 2018.

Dan Jarvis will guest DJ with me at 2 pm on Friday, Nov. 2. We will play some of his favorite cuts from Tomorrow, as well as some of his favorite cover tunes.

Q How was your East Coast tour?

A We just got back a week ago and had a great time. One of our best shows was at the Grog Shop in Cleveland.  It’s a pretty legendary venue. The White Stripes played several shows at the Grog Shop early in their career and Cursive is playing in November. We had a solid show and after our performance, the manager, owner and bartender came over and bought tapes and shirts from us. That was a good sign.

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Topics: chirp night at the whistler, diagonal

Mike Nikolich writesBrace Yourself for Sparkletears at CHIRP Night at the Whistler!

written by Mike Nikolich

When Sparkletears delivers their sonic assault at CHIRP Night at the Whistler on Wednesday, Sept. 26, you may be surprised by what you hear and see.

The Chicago trio plays an infectious blend of garage rock, punk, surf and doo-wop that sounds familiar, until you realize those noisy guitars aren’t guitars, but an electric, solid-body ukulele. And, it isn’t a gimmick; it’s how this band rocks.

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Mike Nikolich writes15 Minutes With Teleporter

Elliot Gitter of Teleporter will perform solo at CHIRP Night at the Whistler on April 25. (Photo by Harley Friedman)

Elliot Gitter is the lead guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter for Teleporter, who opens for ADT at CHIRP Night at the Whistler this Wednesday, April 25 at 8 pm.

Gitter will perform solo at the Whistler, focusing mostly on new material. We caught up with him to find out what he has in store for the Whistler audience.

Q : How long has Teleporter been together?

A: Nick and I started playing together with Jeremy in 2012 and recorded The Martian Chronicles in 2013 with engineer Barrett Guzaldo. At the time, I was living in a house in Chicago with several of my friends. I recorded the demos at my home studio, using an eight-track analog console. We would sample a bunch of sounds and create music.  After we completed the sessions, Barrett went on to create Treehouse Records with Matt Gieser.

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Mike Nikolich writesYFEE Plans Deeply Personal Performance at CHIRP Night at The Whistler

The Whistler audience is in for a treat March 28, when YFEE takes the stage at CHIRP Night at the Whistler. Sharing the stage with experimental noise-rockers Mermaid N.V., the Chicago hip-hop/electronic artist will spin tales of relationships, intrigue, sci-fi, astronomy and maybe a conspiracy theory or two.

“I’ve been singing and writing lyrics and poetry since I was seven years old,” YFEE says. “I love to play with meanings and give room in my lyrics for things to mean more than one thing at the same time.”

A graduate of Northwestern, YFEE studied Film and Astrophysics. Her passion for both subjects is evident in her videos and lyrics, and YFEE isn’t afraid to wear her emotions on her sleeve, either.

“I always want my songs to come from a deep, emotional place,” YFEE says. “I try to express feelings that are very personal and universal to all human beings.”

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Mike Nikolich writesJen Dot Can’t Wait to Take the Stage at CHIRP Night at the Whistler

by Mike Nikolich

Break-ups are never easy, and Jen Dot claims she’s still not over the break-up of Swimsuit Addition, a popular Chicago band that was considered one of our city’s rising stars as recently as 2016.

“It broke my heart when Swimsuit Addition dissolved,” Dot says. “I put my heart and soul into that band and I wondered if I ever could recapture the magic.”

Fortunately for us, Dot is resilient, as evidenced by the release of Can’t Wait, a fine new recording by her latest band, beastii. While she still smarts from the pain of the dissolution of Swimsuit Addition, Dot clearly has moved on, calling her new album “Some of the best work of my career.”

beastii and Sex No Babies are the featured acts at the January 24 edition of CHIRP Night at the Whistler. The show starts at 8:30 pm, and admission to free to anyone 21 years or older.

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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesPhotos: CHIRP Night at the Whistler (01/25/17)

We had a blast at the first CHIRP Night at the Whistler of 2017! This edition featured The Jacob Horn Trio and Wyys. Thanks to photographer Shelby Hagstom for capturing these images. Plan to join us next month when we welcome Pool Holograph and Courtship to the Whistler stage!

The Jacob Horn Trio

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Karin Fjellman writesTonight! CHIRP Night at the Whistler with Sunglasses and Your Feets Too Big

It’s time for another CHIRP Night at the Whistler! It’s a great excuse to hear new local music and sample a cocktail by drink masters like Paul McGee, recently named Best Mixologist by the Chicago Reader.

Let Sunglasses sway you into an experimental pop daydream, and then dance it out with the synth-driven low-fi beats of Your Feets Too Big.

A percentage of bar sales benefit CHIRP Radio. CHIRP DJs will also be on-hand to spin between sets, plus you can enter to win prizes in the CHIRP raffle. This show promises to be the perfect soundtrack to one of our beautiful Chicago summer nights, so don’t miss it!

The Whistler / 2421 N. Milwaukee / 9:30pm / 21+ / No Cover

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