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Tyler Clark presents: Local Mythologies writesCHIRP Battle of the Bands 2016: Round One, Part Two

Welcome to the part two of the opening round of the 2016 CHIRP Battle of the Bands. Click here to see part one, and read an explanation about the project and methodology. Voting for Round One closes at 6pm on Sunday, March 27, so make like Mayor Daley and vote early and often.

The Chance Regional



#1 Seed: Chance the Rapper
First Round Song: "Sunday Candy"
Why They're Here: The transcendent 2015 Donnie Trumpet collaboration Surf

#8 Seed: In Tall Buildings
First Round Song: "Flare Gun"
Why They're Here: The literary (and lovely) indie pop of 2015's Driver 



#4 Seed: Circuit Des Yeux
First Round Song: "Do The Dishes"
Why They're Here: The haunted (and haunting) baritone pleas of 2015's In Plain Speech

#5 Seed: Ego
First Round Song: "Espuma De La Profunda"
Why They're Here: The 12 zodiac-themed albums they released in 2015



#3 Seed: Tortoise
First Round Song: "Gesceap"
Why They're Here: The slow-and-steady return to form of 2016's The Catastrophist

#6 Seed: Jim O'Rourke
First Round Song: "Half Life Crisis"
Why They're Here: The bruised middle-age ruminations of 2015's Simple Songs



#2 Seed: Andrew Bird
First Round Song: "Left Handed Kisses"
Why They're Here: The much-anticipated tunes of 2016's Are You Serious, plus the score for Zach Galifinakis weirdo clown comedy Baskets

#7 Seed: Sam Prekop
First Round Song: "Weather Vane"
Why They're Here: The shimmering audio math problems of 2015's The Republic




The Mavis Regional



#1 Seed: Mavis Staples
First Round Song: "Take Us Back"
Why They're Here: The high-flying collaborations (M. Ward! Nick Cave! tUnE-yArDs!) of 2016's Livin' on a High Note

#8 Seed: Mutts
First Round Song: "I Put a Spell on You"
Why They're Here: The sweaty bar-band Halloween tunes of 2015's Ghoul Yer Delusion



#4 Seed: J Fernandez
First Round Song: "Between the Channels"
Why They're Here: The sunny head-in-the-clouds pop of 2015's Many Levels of Laughter

#5 Seed: Tink
First Round Song: "I Like"
Why They're Here: The sultry hip-hop torch songs of 2015's Winter's Diary 3



#3 Seed: Advance Base
First Round Song: "Trisha Please Come Home"
Why They're Here: The wistful lo-fi remembrances of 2015's Nephew in the Wild

#6 Seed: Swimsuit Addition
First Round Song: "TNT"
Why They're Here: The oncoming surf buzzsaws of 2015's Wretched Pinups



#2 Seed: Waco Brothers
First Round Song: "Receiver"
Why They're Here: The bemused-old-man cowpunk of 2016's Going Down in History

#7 Seed: Vic Mensa
First Round Song: "No Chill"
Why They're Here: The flashes of brillant flows emanating from 2016's Traffic



For part one, click here.


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