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Artist Interviews Matchess

"So much of our lives are rationalized and routinized, and everything seems kind of known or knowable. So anything that feels like it's not quite knowable is what I like to do creatively. ... When there's no explanation for something, that's where I like to let my mind and my music stay."

Last fall, Whitney Johnson came to the CHIRP studios to talk with Amelia Hruby about Johnson's solo electronic project, Matchess. They discuss how she builds the multi-layered structures of her songs, the inspiration she draws from industrial field recordings, and what magic happens when you listen to repetitive sounds over and over again.

produced by Amelia Hruby (@ajhruby)

photo by Jeremy Deputat

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Topics: amelia hruby, chicago, electronic, interview, interviews, local artists, local bands, local music, matchess, mp3, whitney johnson

News Sonnenzimmer

In this three-part interview, CHIRP's Dylan Peterson visits the studio of Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi to talk about the art, history, and philosophies of Sonnenzimmer. Butcher and Nakanishi discuss their origins and working relationship as visual artists, the audio/visual/literature project Graphic Arts Future, and the importance of Chicago as a setting for creative work.

Sonnenzimmer's solo show Vector Sculptures runs until May 21st at Elastic Arts in Chicago, with a live discussion on April 21st with curator Jordan Martins.

produced by Dylan Peterson (@tdvsbl)

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Topics: chicago, dylan peterson, elastic arts, graphic arts future, local artists, nadine nakanishi, nick butcher, screenprinting, sonnenzimmer, vector sculptures, visual arts