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First Time: First Try - Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen originally hails from the verdant plains of Iowa, where she majored in Linguistics and co-founded the improv troupe Paperback Rhino (consistently ranked as one of the top college improve troupes in the nation) at the University of Iowa in 2003.  Since making Chicago her home, Anna has set down roots in the podcasting community as co-host of Babes Watch Buffy, an intersectional feminist discussion of the cult classic TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She's also a member of the Board of Directors for Upswing Advocates, a non-profit that conducts research and provides sliding scale services for the LGBTQIA community in Chicago and beyond.  By day, she makes her scratch doing business development for the print publishing company Guerrero Media.

Event produced and directed by Julie Mueller with Assistant Producer Bobby Evers and Host Jenn Sodini. Podcast Producer: Jenn Rourke. Recorded by Asim Ali, Melissa Karalis, and Jenn Rourke.

(This recording includes explicit language and details).

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Topics: anna jensen, first time, first time three band, first try, jenn rourke