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Nicole Oppenheim: Ear Candy DJ Profile

When Nicole was 5, her grandfather gave her a yellow Mickey Mouse transistor radio.  It was old and had been well-loved by somebody.  It had an AM/FM switch, one speaker, and a dial with illegible numbers.  One of the best things about this radio was the weird sounds it would pick up at night, under the covers, as she'd slowly turn the dial through the AM frequencies.  Nicole would pretend she was picking up music from Mars and would host a radio show called "Sounds From Beyond!" with her stuffed animals standing in for extra-terrestrial musicians.  Although Ear Candy is her first broadcast show ever--which she launched at the ripe old age of 32--Nicole has been rehearsing for it all of her life.  "Sounds From Beyond!" gave way to a love affair with radio stations at the extreme ends of the dial (where you'd hear the best, most interesting stuff) and jobs at various record stores throughout high school and college.  Back when people used to make mix tapes, Nicole's were second to none--just like Ear Candy, where she makes a new mix every week.  Join the fun each Friday, 9am-12pm here on CHIRP!

You can listen to the most recent episodes of Ear Candy here.