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Heathen Disco with Doug Mosurock DJ Profile

Check out the archives for this show on Mixcloud.

Started playing records on a Fisher-Price when I was three years old (mostly disco and Captain & Tenille 45s, and scratching up my mom's Carpenters LPs). Music stayed with me, and playing it for other people even more so. My first radio show was on WRCT-FM in Pittsburgh in 1993, when I was still a junior in high school. I stayed on there for the next seven years before moving to Brooklyn, where from 2000 through 2003 I did late nights on the venerable WFMU, and started DJing in bars, clubs, and at shows.

I dabbled in writing about music until about 2005, when I joined up with Dusted and began writing exclusively about vinyl releases for something I called Still Single. That's still going today, and a good percentage of what you'll hear on my show comes out of the pile of records I've been sent to review.

The show is called Heathen Disco. Dress to sweat.

You can find the two most recent editions of Heathen Disco here.