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Meister: The Riff Hypnotic DJ Profile

I am kinda my own best frienemy.  I love individuals, but only collectively.  I am an actor for a long time, a Dad to a very worthwhile full-of-rock eight year old, and grew up in public and university radio stations.  I have found throughout my life that many of my happiest moments have been associated with these stations.  It is a freeing, non-taxing environment where i can get nerdy and turned on to new people and their stuff - everybody always has something to bring me to the table.

I miss the station culture and vibe immensily, love the camraderie or it ("Let's put on a show!"), the lack of pretension, the good feelings all-around - and the community, the community, the community.  Lotsa good souls together.

You can listen to Meister's two most recent shows here.