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Crash Revere writesCrash Revere’s Monthly Mash-Up for March

Hi Folks!

Every month since March 2017, I've been putting together a playlist covering songs discovered in different and unique ways over the course of said month.  The ways I hear the songs put on the playlist always vary!  Maybe CHIRP was playing a new favorite band, maybe I was catching a show and actually got there in time to see the opener, maybe I was watching TV and a cool song came on during a pivotal character moment!

After giving it some thought, CHIRP has graciously provided me the opportunity to bring you "Crash Revere's Monthly Mash-Up," a blog providing you the track list for every monthly playlist as well as an explanation (possibly a defense) to how and why each of the songs found their ways onto the playlist and into my heart.

Cold Beat / "Mother" / Mother

DFA decided to release a post-punk synth-pop album in-between their electronic dance mixes and LCD Soundsystem live recordings and I am all over it.  The title track brings us such hits as a fade in, reverb on everything, catchy drums, and straightforward lyrics.  I thought this album was fun, easy to listen to, and not the least bit pretentious.  This is my lo-fi '80s synth track of the month!

The New Pornographers / "Adventures in Solitude" / Challengers

March 2020 was the first month of the Shelter taking place in Illinois, so this song ended up being more fitting than I expected.  Truthfully though, I found this song off a web-cartoonist's "AA" playlist and I put it on this playlist because after getting back home from Germany after six weeks, I decided to cool it with the drinking.  The New Pornographers could be considered a super-band at this point if you look at the different artists that have been a part of it, and this song really shows off their skills when they collaborate.  Somehow haunting and uplifting at the same time, the only thing I can say is that I should've learned a German word that means both those things so I could describe the song better.

U.S Girls / "4 American Dollars" / Heavy Light

Ever felt like The United States of America has a Capitalistic mindset and it's actually NOT a good thing?  Ever wanted to dance to that thought instead of tweeting your observation?  Well, here you go!  The distinctive opening track off the album is successfully groovy, but it's kind of messing with you since the rhythm is the foundation to a message straight from the Socialist manifesto/zine of your choosing.  It does a great job of blending the message and song together though - contrasting the tone from the tones - to give off a nihilistic "burn it all and two-step on the ashes" feeling.

Beach Bunny / "Dream Boy" / Honeymoon

A song straight out of a coming-of-age movie adapted from a John Green novel.  However, as much as I find myself at odds with this genre of music, this is an exemplar in indie pop.  This is "Archie, Marry Me" good.  This song hit me where it feels good to get hit and it didn't outstay its welcome.  You also gotta support Chicago bands. 

Lil Uzi Vert / "Lotus" / Eternal Atake - LUV Vs. The World 2

Why on Earth does the line, "On the real, yeah, you a ten; But you cannot pay your rent" have such an impact?  Is it the way Lil Uzi delivers the line in the hook?  Is it because it's a relatable message in this day of Fyre Festival social media appearances over actual fulfilling success and personal goals being completed?  Regardless, there 32 tracks off the deluxe album and you might not have the time to listen to all of them, so give this one a go and you'll be forgiven if you think it's better than the rest put together.

Jay Electronica / "Ghost of Soulja Slim" / A Written Testimony

We've all been waiting for this album for a while, even if we didn't know it.  This is the "D'Angelo" method of songwriting where you take years to release an album and it ends up being great not because you waited that long, but because you're a great artist and you can do whatever you want.  Also, this whole album is Jay-Z's best album in years.  Both Jay's on this album have such amazing delivery and power in their words that you can't help but be like, "oh dang, this is stirring up something in me". 

Juniore / "Grave" / Un, Deux, Trois

Imagine a Stereolab album released by Third Man Records.

The Weeknd, Chromatics, Johnny Jewel / "Blinding Lights - Chromatics Remix" / After Hours

"Uncut Gems" made me respect The Weeknd a little bit more.  That's not to say I hated him, I was just never wowed by his work.  I do enjoy Chromatics though, and it's nice to see a combination like this done so well.  Chromatics do love their covers, so it really works to see them remix a pop song and nothing feels out of place.  This is my hi-fi 80's synth track of the month!

Bjork / "Human Behavior" / Debut

I've been listening to a lot of older Bjork recently as well as watching her music videos.  While I don't fully understand the appeal of her more experimental songs, her pop tracks are incredible and deserve all the recognition they already get.  "Human Behavior" has her de-facto energy put into it and it never slows down - it's various hard-hitting rhythms like a train fast approaching.

Ruben Gonzalez / Melodia del Rio / Introducing

Whenever the sun comes out, it's nice to hear bossa nova music.  I found Ruben Gonzalez when one of his songs was on "The Sopranos".  Since then, I've been checking out some of his other work and the man is a admirable pianist.  This track especially shows off his chops and blends elaborate piano with bossa nova expressions in the shade of palm trees while outside a canteen in a country you can't pronounce. 

Piero Piccioni / "Un Modo di Essere Donna (Shake)" /  Un Modo di Essere Donna

The title track off an album from an Italian movie I have never seen.  I did see an Italian movie called "The Tenth Victim" though that has a score from Piccioni so that's how I found out about him.  This man is incredible and his soundtracks carry these Italian pulp-novel feelings to them that can bring anything from suspense, to action, to romance!  This song incorporates organ sounds to a high-octane electric guitar that is under-utilized in today's music.  It's like we never had Soul music!  Give it a listen while you are driving a car as if you had stolen it.

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