CHIRP stands in solidarity in the fight for racial justice and an end to police violence.

Black Lives Matter. The fact that it needs to be said shows how very far we still have to go as a country.  We hear you and we are with you.

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DJ Mick writesShelter in Sound With CHIRP Radio!

Miss live music? Miss going to shows? Miss regular updates and interviews from your favorite artist? Us too.

The Shelter in Place order issued by Governor Pritzker in March hit the Chicago music scene hard. Like elsewhere in the world, artists and entertainment workers have been forced to cancel tours, live performances, and suspend operations. Whie we've all had to hunker down until further notice, the media cycle spins in a cyclone around us.

Lucky for us, local musicians have continued to make art, while local venues have taken steps to support their employees and the scene while shuttered. To help showcase the efforts of some of our favorite artists and venues, the CHIRP Features team has created a new series as part of our Artist Interview Program called Shelter in Sound.

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Eddie writes6 Songs About “April”

by Eddie Sayago

As we are halfway through April (I know, it doesn’t feel like it.), I noticed how many songs there are about the month (or the woman named after the month). Here are 6 songs about the month that some enjoy while other wish it could end so summer will arrive. (There's no rush, it's not like you have places to go right now.)

“April” by Beach Bunny

April is a weird month in Chicago. It’s technically spring and yet snow always falls at some point. (There was a snowstorm just two days after we had a sunny day with a high of 80 degrees last week.) But at some point, we always miss that special someone. “Are you out there somewhere?/What are you up to?” It should be weird to still pine for and miss someone who is no longer a part of your life, and that it’s alright to feel this way. Beach Bunny lets you know that it’s alright to feel whatever you’re feeling right now. It’s a weird time for all of us.

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Crash Revere writesCrash Revere’s Monthly Mash-Up for March

Hi Folks!

Every month since March 2017, I've been putting together a playlist covering songs discovered in different and unique ways over the course of said month.  The ways I hear the songs put on the playlist always vary!  Maybe CHIRP was playing a new favorite band, maybe I was catching a show and actually got there in time to see the opener, maybe I was watching TV and a cool song came on during a pivotal character moment!

After giving it some thought, CHIRP has graciously provided me the opportunity to bring you "Crash Revere's Monthly Mash-Up," a blog providing you the track list for every monthly playlist as well as an explanation (possibly a defense) to how and why each of the songs found their ways onto the playlist and into my heart.

Cold Beat / "Mother" / Mother

DFA decided to release a post-punk synth-pop album in-between their electronic dance mixes and LCD Soundsystem live recordings and I am all over it.  The title track brings us such hits as a fade in, reverb on everything, catchy drums, and straightforward lyrics.  I thought this album was fun, easy to listen to, and not the least bit pretentious.  This is my lo-fi '80s synth track of the month!

The New Pornographers / "Adventures in Solitude" / Challengers

March 2020 was the first month of the Shelter taking place in Illinois, so this song ended up being more fitting than I expected.  Truthfully though, I found this song off a web-cartoonist's "AA" playlist and I put it on this playlist because after getting back home from Germany after six weeks, I decided to cool it with the drinking.  The New Pornographers could be considered a super-band at this point if you look at the different artists that have been a part of it, and this song really shows off their skills when they collaborate.  Somehow haunting and uplifting at the same time, the only thing I can say is that I should've learned a German word that means both those things so I could describe the song better.

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Eddie writesTake Two: “I Can Change” (LCD Soundsystem Vs. Ezra Furman)

written by Eddie Sayago

There is a chance that you have come across a song (or two, or so many more) that you enjoy and did not realize that it's either been covered by someone else or is a cover itself. We hope that this series allows you to appreciate both the original and the covers they have inspired, and to seek out and enjoy new music in the process.

"You are encouraged to look up the original versions if you're never heard them. They blew my mind."  - Ezra Furman, on the joy of song covers

Last year, Ezra Furman released an exclusive EP, Songs by Others, that had seven different takes on seven songs from different parts of rock 'n' roll. While any of the songs could have been featured here, one cover stands out in particular, especially since this time 10 years ago, many of us were eagerly anticipating the new album from the original creators of "I Can Change."

The Original: "I Can Change" by LCD Soundsystem (2010)

Exactly a decade ago, James Murphy and Co. released what was then their final album, This Is Happening, an album that would become one of the best of the year, if not the 2010s. Literally the center (track 5 of 9) of a record filled with Murphy's emotions no amount of synthesizers can hide, both vocals and synths blend together instead of competing with one another for the ears of the listener. "I Can Change" is the perfect song for a soundtrack to 2010, a year that feels and looks like it took place a lot longer than 10 years ago.

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SKaiser writes@CHIRPRadio (Week of March 16)


  • Assistant Director Ari Mejia chats at the Chirp studios with Andrew, Zach, and Jeff of Chicago band The Hecks.
  • Features interveiwer Bradley Morgan sat down with twin brothers Jared and Jonathan Mattson of the experimental jazz duo Mattson 2.
  • No Holiday: A Tribute to Kim Shattuck and The Muffs by CHIRP Radio DJ and Features Co-Drector Mick Reed


1. U.S. Girls – Heavy Light (4AD)

2. Califone – Echo Mine (Jealous Butcher)

3. Impulsive Hearts – Cry All The Time (Midwest Action / Cavity Search)

For a complete listing of the CHIRP charts, click here!

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