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Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesTop Five Songs the Republicans Could Use for Their Convention

So far, the 2016 Republican Party National convention in Cleveland has been, to borrow a phrase from Jay and Silent Bob, “clown shoes.” Failed insurrections. Plagiarized keynote speeches. Guest appearances by Scott Flippin’ Baio.

Now it’s been revealed that the band Queen would rather the GOP not use their song “We Are the Champions” as soon-to-be nominee Donald Trump’s entrance music. Just another in a long line of artists and bands who do not want their music associated with this particular party.

What would be some appropriate music to use for this occasion? In the spirit of bipartisanship, I want to help. So here are some suggestions based on what I've seen and heard and read about the state of the GOP these last few months, with an important caveat to whoever it is running operations for the convention - YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET PERMISSION FIRST.

1. “White Riot” by The Clash (The Clash): A pretty spot-on anthem for the GOP’s core constituency they don't want to talk about

2. “Rip Her to Shreds” by Blondie (Blondie): Because, as Stephen Colbert said, this year there’s one person the Democrats and Republicans are passionate about - Hillary Clinton

3. “Me Myself and I” by De La Soul (3 Feet High and Rising): A tribute to Trump’s three favorite people

4. “Dick About It” by M.O.T.O. (Single File): Because, as Trump's life has proven, you don’t have to be a dick about things, but it helps

5. “Let’s Have a War” by Fear (The Record): GOP’s foreign policy summed up in a nutshell

BONUS 6. “Build That Wall” by Aimee Mann (soundtrack to Magnolia): Granted, the song is a gentle sensitive exploration of emotion. Maybe they can just sample the chorus?

What songs can you think of that might be useful for the GOP convention or upcoming fall campaign? Leave it here in the comments, and maybe we can get a playlist going...



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