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SKaiser writesOverlooked Albums of 2014: The Fresh & Onlys’ House of Spirits

The Fresh & Onlys | House of Spirits | Mexican Summer

It doesn't come as much of a surprise that The Fresh & Onlys fourth album, House of Spirits, should evolve to reflect a more matured mood from the quartet. They formed in 2008, and let's not forget the experiences brought from the members. After all, lead vocals Tim Cohen has released albums ranging from hip hop to psychedlic-folk. If you've listened to previous albums by The Fresh & Onlys there are reminiscent tracks on House of Spirits, like "April Fools", to take you back. Otherwise, you're in for a fresh new calm. There's a warm and mysterious atmosphere that brings memories of lazy summer days where you have no place to be. The day is yours. Even from the beginning, the first song "Home is Where" draws introspection. The light piano accompanying Cohen's makes-it-sound-so-easy vocals is a sweet treat. The next couple tracks "Who Let the Devil" and "Bells of Paonia" give the feel of a much-anticipated road trip, picking up steam and filling the void with psychedlic, slightly more aggressive guitar and vocals. There's something very "Misirlou" about the middle of this album: a sexy twang that's classic and undeniable. The final tracks wind down to reach the end - a track called "Madness". This one stays true to the fine quality of any good meditation. It's soft, it's sweet, and most importantly, it brings us back full circle to where we started.

Tim Cohen (vocals) | Wymond Miles (guitar) | Shayde Sartin (bass) | Kyle Gibson (drums)

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Categorized: Album Reviews

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