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Tyler Clark presents: Local Mythologies writesCHIRP Battle of the Bands 2015: Round Three

The battle for CHIRP Radio's first-ever fan favorite award got serious this week, with the sixteen surviving bands from Round One engaging in e-fisticuffs to grab a few all-important votes. Here are the highlights:

  • Remaining #1 seeds Wilco and Smashing Pumpkins rolled, scoring victories for Rock Dads everywhere
  • #8 seeds Flesh Panthers and Modern Vices continued to overperform, steamrolling #4 seeds Califone and Mucca Pazza on their way into the final eight.
  • #3 seed Twin Peaks won the battle of the buzz bands, edging Chance the Rapper in a closely-watched contest.
  • #2 White Mystery and #6 seed Braid ended in our first tie, which was broken by a live on-air vote 

The four matches of Round Three are set, and it's up to us to decide the outcomes. Voting for Round Three closes at noon on Thursday, April 2. Study the match-ups below, record your choices in the polls, then head back to the comments section to tell everyone else why they're wrong.

The Wilco Regional



#1 Seed: Wilco
Third Round Song: "War on War"
Best Basketball Achievement: Jeff Tweedy's great-great-great-great-grandmother once went on a date with James Naismith.


#2 Seed: White Mystery 
Third Round Song: "Dubble Dragon"
Best Basketball Achievement: Siblings spent years perfecting an alley-oop dunk using nothing but their hair.


The Pumpkins Regional



#1 Seed: Smashing Pumpkins
Third Round Song: "1979"
Best Basketball Achievement: Billy Corgan's head has the exact dimensions of a regulation game ball.



#3 Seed: Twin Peaks
Third Round Song: "Flavor"
Best Basketball Achievement: Letters of band members' names can be rearranged to spell out the starting lineup of the 1991 Duke Blue Devils.



The Mavis Regional



#8 Seed: Flesh Panthers
Third Round Song: "Poppers"
Best Basketball Achievement: Once used the Monstars' magic basketball to steal the powers of the MC5. 



#3 Seed: The Orwells
Third Round Song: "Who Needs You"
Best Basketball Achievement: Every band member owns a different Bill Walton jersey.



The Kanye Regional



#8 Seed: Modern Vices
Third Round Song: "Cheap Style"
Best Basketball Achievement: Runners up in the 2011 NIT.



#3 Seed: Andrew Bird
Third Round Song: "Imitosis"
Best Basketball Achievement: Knows a bitchin' violin rendition of the Kentucky fight song.





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