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Jack Ryan writesThe Other Davy Jones

The Internet is an incredible thing. You have more access to information at your finger tips than your ancestors did at any other point in human history, rendering research in in music trivia easy and making any mystery surrounding your favorite artists is pretty much non-existent. That’s not the case when it comes to Davy Jones.

If you're scratching your head at the that statement, you should know I’m not referring to the lead singer of the Monkees. I’m also not referring to David Bowie’s career before he was famous. The Davy Jones I’m referring to is beyond obscure, with a Wikipedia entry that barely stretches past one sentence and no reference or articles published about him on any music website, magazine or blog.

Depending on whom you ask, Davy Jones was either a black American or Canadian soul singer who got his break on the British music scene in the early ‘60s. It’s anyone’s guess as to how he ended up in England. Maybe he was a soldier who was stationed there as part of the NATO military build up in Western Europe during the height of the Cold War. Maybe he was just an average black man who was sick of being kept down because of stateside racism and decided to look for opportunities.

His biggest hit was “Amapola,” a rocked-up version of a popular jazz standard from the late 1930s. While he never became a huge star, he had a minor following that led him to playing packed dates at concert halls around the UK, including some dates in Liverpool in 1961, where a little known beat combo by the name of “The Beatles” were his backing band.

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Categorized: Post Mix

Topics: davy jones

Alli Klein writesVideo World Premiere: “Comfort Service” by So Pretty

When was the last time you lived the lavish hotel lifestyle? Now's your chance for the next 3:07 anyway...

Feast your eyes on this fresh new video from local Chicago group So Pretty for their song “Comfort Service” out now on their latest release Suck It Up from Bernice Records &Tapes. Suck It Up wears many musical genre hats over the course of the record, and "Comfort Service" sounds like a long lost B-52s B side you didn't know you were missing.

So Pretty gives a 5 star performance at their 5 star hotel make shift set. You might just get your bell rung in the pit when the kids start moshing to this one.

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Categorized: Post Mix

Topics: so pretty

Clarence Ewing: The Million Year Trip writesThe Eternal Question: Beatles or Stones?

1960s England produced arguably the two biggest and most successful Rock and Roll bands in history.

One of them, although they were only together for ten years, created a catalog (28 studio albums) whose influence is still being felt in all corners of music. The other one, after 55 years of performing and 30 studio albums, became Rock’s ultimate survivors while drawing a map of how Blues-based guitar Rock combined with decades of genre experimentation can lead to immortality.

Is it Sgt. Peppers or Exile on Main St.? Let It Bleed or Revolver? The White Album or Some Girls? It’s a simple question, yet one that resonates through the ages - Beatles or Stones? Vote here, and Explain Yourself in the comments.

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Categorized: Post Mix

Topics: the beatles, the rolling stones

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