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SKaiser writes@CHIRPRadio (Week of June 26)

CHIRP Radio is honored among Best of Chicago 2017!! Thank you to all our voters and supporters, we heart you!


Every fourth Wednesday of the month is CHIRP Night at the Whistler! This Wednesday we're excited to welcome Chicago's own Laverne and Anti/Beyond. Join us at 8:30 at the Whistler (2421 N. Milwaukee)  |  21+


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Brad Morgan writesTwo Americas: Reflections on Life and The Joshua Tree at 30

by Bradley Morgan

Last Saturday, I ventured out to Soldier Field to see U2 play their masterpiece record The Joshua Tree in its entirety.  I had been looking forward to this show for months.  I even invited my dad and he drove over six hours to experience his first U2 concert.

Of course, I had seen Ireland’s favorite sons play a few times already including a greatest hits show and a concert promoting their latest studio album.  However, this tour was different.  The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 was designed with duality in mind; to commemorate the past but to also understand its relevance in the present.  While this show signified a nostalgic trip for some, the tour set out to make a statement about the complexities of humanity and society. In preparation for the performance, I had to go back and find out not only what The Joshua Tree meant to me as art but also what U2 represented that made them so relatable to me over the years.

My path toward U2 fandom began at age twelve back in the fall of 2000 while I was living in Alaska.  Anchorage didn’t really have any record stores or cool hot spots where hipsters could browse indie music stacks and discover the next big underground thing.  Not only that, but streaming media online was not as sophisticated and easy to use as it is today, plus my dad wouldn’t let me download music.  So, the only musical outlets available to me were whatever played on commercial radio and the limited selections of a local Wal-Mart or FYE.

That fall, U2 released their single “Beautiful Day” and it was life-changing.  The sound was big and anthemic; qualities that inspired a budding teenager who had a lot to say and demanded that he be heard.  The optimism and humanity within that song truly spoke to me.

Prior to that, U2 was a band that I had only heard of before.  I had seen copies of War and The Unforgettable Fire in my mother’s CD collection, but I never listened to them before because what teenager wants to listen to their parents’ music collection?  I wanted something new and relevant to me right then and there, despite the irony that this exciting new addition to my life was being delivered by an already established and accomplished band.

The music itself wasn’t the only thing that made me connect with the band.  This band had something else going for them, too.  They were Irish.  That instantly made them more relatable and meaningful to me.  As the son of an English immigrant with Irish grandparents, that made U2 so much more special.  A bond was established through a shared ancestry that I wouldn’t quite understand until much later.

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SKaiser writes@CHIRPRADIO (Week of May 29)


Join CHIRP Radio and Kickstand Productions at Subterranean (2011 W North Ave) on Sunday, June 4 and welcome Diet Cig! Show starts at 8:00 PM.


  • The origins and ideas of Bunny are shared here with CHIRP's Jennifer Roger
  • First Time: First Test with Sarah Sherman
  • Kentucky-natives White Reaper met up with CHIRP Volunteer Andrew Meriwether at Beat Kitchen
  • Concert Review: Lewis Del Mar at Thalia Hall by Layne Lindroth
  • Clarence Ewing shares what's In Rotation: Andy Pratt
  • Kyle Sanders writes about Rediscovering Our Record Collections with Fleetwood Mac's "Tango In the Night"
  • Kevin Fullam and Clarence Ewing explore the cinematic Fourth Wall: Frozen River


1. The Clams – Gunslinger (1980)

2. Shamir – Hope (self-released)

3. !!! – Shake the Shudder (Warp)

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Layne Lindroth writesConcert Review: Lewis Del Mar at Thalia Hall (5/6/17)

words and pics by Layne Lindroth

The self-proclaimed “electro-acoustic indie pop” duo Lewis Del Mar played its largest headline show to date Saturday night at Thalia Hall. Though not quite sold out, the packed venue never dropped below a loud volume as fans chanted and cheered from arrival to exit. Electric performances by Lewis Del Mar and opener Anna Wise warranted every clap and holler the audience threw their way.

Lewis Del Mar, made up of childhood friends Danny Miller (guitar/vocals) and Max Harwood (percussion/production), has been an official band for under two years and managed to rack up a combined 26 million Spotify streams of their five most popular songs alone. This “electro-acoustic” sound Lewis Del Mar calls its own can be broken down to acoustic guitar riffs and ever present percussion on most songs, but latin-influenced rhythms, syncopated bass lines, and onomatopoeic harmonies are what separate the tracks from one another. These sonic elements are perhaps best heard in “Puerto Cabezas, NI” or the cheerful hit “Painting (Masterpiece)”.

With only a self-titled debut album and a four-song EP to choose from, all twelve tracks Lewis Del Mar has to its name are fan favorites, and lucky for fans, the duo—accompanied by three additional instrumentalists—plays every one live. The performance was thunderous, colorful, and yet intimate; Miller often stopped between songs to share his appreciation for diversity, for learning, and for the friends and fans surrounding him, many of the latter greeting his words with applause and shouts of agreement. Content and clearly humbled by the mutual enthusiasm, Lewis Del Mar played on, eventually closing with “Loud(y)”, the viral hit that started their snowballing success a short year and a half ago.

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SKaiser writes@CHIRPRADIO (Week of May 15)


  • Friday May 19 | 8:00 PM Join CHIRP Radio and welcome Meat Puppets, Mike Watt + The Tom & Terry Show, and Porcupine to Lincoln Hall (2424 N Lincoln Ave) on Friday, May 19!
  • Sunday May 21 | 6:00 PM Take a dip in the immersive collective music pool that is Classic Album Sundays. This week we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Radiohead's OK Computer! co-sponsored by CHIRP Radio and Saturday Music Exchange (1021 W Belmont Ave) 


  • CHIRP Factory Session: Air Credits!
  • Local hip hop artist, actor and poet Mykele Deville stopped by the CHIRP studios to talk with Amanda Dabandons about local influenc on his work and art
  • Local artist Jash Huggins (formerly of Evasive Backflip) recently chatted with CHIRP volunteer and DJ Amelia Hruby about the project and the status of marginalized communities in Chicago's music scene.
  • CHIRP Radio volunteer Lee Gomez recently sat down with Caro Tunghe of Oathbreaker at the Metro


1. Perfume Genius – No Shape (Matador)

2. Brother Ali – All the Beauty in This Whole Life (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

3. Tomorrow's People – Open Soul (Melodies International)

For a complete listing of the CHIRP Radio charts, click here!

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