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Jeremy Peruski writesMusic in Pictures: Matt & Kim at the Congress Theater (11/10/12)

The Brooklyn-based duo, Matt & Kim brought their energetic, packed set to the Congress Theater last week for what they called "the biggest crowd at a show this tour." They plowed through a 90-minute set with such ease and passion. M&K both stated how much they looked forward to this stop on the tour. Matt was amazed how it seemed like just yesterday they were playing basement shows in Chicago.

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Categorized: Events Journal

Topics: concerts, matt & kim

Jeremy Peruski writesMusic in Pictures: Dan Deacon at Lincoln Hall (11/7/12)

CHIRP welcomed Dan Deacon (and his band) to a packed show at Lincoln Hall last week the day after the Presidential elections. If you've never experienced a Dan Deacon show then you must know that their set is filled with energy, audience participation and political commentary. The audience participation started out small by simply urging the audience to point up toward the light or place their hand on their neighbor’s head. This swiftly escalated into a full-on dance party in the middle off the floor where Dan personally picked out people from the crowd to shake what their momma gave ‘em.

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Categorized: Events Journal

Topics: concerts, dan deacon, pictures

Alli Klein: Family of Noise writesPast Times of Punk Rock: My Riot Fest 2012 Weekend

By Alli Klein (CHIRP Radio DJ every Tuesday 6am-9am)

My leg muscles are still burning from all the jumping around and dancing I did over the weekend. I should have stretched. I would have moshed, but as a bespectacled person I’ve learned that lesson before. Punk rock has been a part of me since age fourteen. I have a Germs tattoo on my right forearm. My friends and I would trade rides to the Tinley Park Bowling Alley, our saving grace of the south-west ‘burbs, to see local punk bands and rid ourselves, or maybe revel in, our teenage angst. I don’t know if I’ve ever grown out of that angst actually, because listening to punk, being immersed in it last Saturday and Sunday in beautiful Humboldt Park, those feelings flooded back. In a good way!

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Categorized: Events Journal

Topics: riot fest

Bobby Evers writesBobby Evers’ Concert Review: Fiona Apple at Chicago Theatre, 7/10/2012

First, let us discuss the Fiona Apple Fan. The FAF was in high school when Tidal came out. Or younger. Criminal was a funny song they snickered through because it was sexual which is hilarious in high school. But the FAF listened to the whole album anyway because it was available and familiar. And they came of age with those songs, the heartbreak of “Never Is A Promise,” the rhythm of “The First Taste.”

So when When The Pawn… came out they bought it on principle. And it was maybe a little weirder than Tidal because Fiona was letting her weird side out to avoid the sophomore slump, which the FAF embraced. And when she eventually turned away from the spotlight and mocked fame, it was the FAF who demanded she return. Who admonished the record company for shelving her all but finished third album. Who demanded blood. It was the FAF who was responsible for her comeback in 2006, both in initiation and followthrough.

And now the FAF is in their late twenties or early thirties. They buy three beers to avoid standing in line during the concert and they will, unprovoked, scream “I LOVE YOU” during the quiet parts of songs played live. They will applaud during the breakdowns of songs where she isn’t singing, just dancing and flailing and gyrating strangely or crouching down the by the bassdrum as the band sort of jams before the song ends. They will give standing ovations at the beginning of the concert. They will sing along. If they cannot get a setlist they will ask to photograph the setlist with their iphones. And the fellow FAF will comply. Because they understand. 

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Categorized: Events Journal

Topics: fiona apple

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