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Erin Van Ness writesScore 10% off at Insound while giving back to CHIRP!

Want to get 10% off your order at Insound and give a little something back to your favorite radio station at the same time?

Now you can! Click the Insound logo on our website or visit, and use the promo code “happyjune10” when you make your purchase. Doing so will score you a cool 10% off your entire order, and Insound will kick a portion of the sale back to CHIRP.

Insound is an online store that stocks a variety of LPs, CDs, downloads, and other merch. It’s a great way to show off your multi-tasking skills by grabbing new music from the comfort of home while giving back to the best radio station in Chicago.

This promotion is only valid until July 1, so don’t delay and visit today!

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Shawn Campbell writesThe CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights Celebrates 10 Years

The CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights is coming right up on April 14th and 15th at Plumbers Hall, 1340 W. Washington Blvd. 2012 marks the tenth year for the Fair and its Other Delights, once again providing a paradise for vinyl enthusiasts, with something for everyone, from rarities for the serious collector to affordable selections for the casual fan. Even if you’re not a record buyer, the event should hold pleasures, including artwork and crafts, chances to win prizes through games and raffles, a photo booth, DJs, food and drink provided by Irazu and Goose Island, respectively, and a kids’ area to entertain the little ones. We’ll even have a live performance by Blue Ribbon Glee Club.

The Fair runs 10AM-5PM Saturday and Sunday, with a special early bird admission session for serious collectors from 8-10AM Saturday. Regular admission is $7 or $5 with a flyer or ad. Saturday pre-admission is $25, and allows readmission throughout the weekend.

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Erin Van Ness writesWhat CHIRP Radio Means to Me: Why I Give

In our next installment of What CHIRP Radio Means to Me, one of our sustaining members talks about what is missing in traditional radio these days and how CHIRP helps to fill that need.

10 years ago I traded in FM for an IPOD and 5 years ago fell in love with Pandora. I’ve Groovesharked, Spotified, and then this past summer was turned on to I don’t think I’ve hooked up an antenna on a stereo I’ve bought in that time. Over the years I would still turn on the radio (typically in a rental car), and keep hitting scan until I got past the Top 40 (and usually end up on NPR).

A cool girl turned me on to CHIRP at a coffee shop this past summer, and I’ve listened to it ever since. There’s something missing in music these days that CHIRP brings back, which is the human touch of radio with the benefits of technology. You constantly learn about new music wherever you are along with the people who make it (which is important these days). The best part is you hear about it from real people that think about music day in and day out, and they do it for free, because they love music just like you do. I donate to CHIRP because it, the people who run it, and the music they play are all badass.

—Jarrett OBrien
Badass sustaining member since 2011

Agree that CHIRP is a vital service worth supporting? You can always:

  • Learn about volunteering CHIRP Radio is always accepting new volunteers. No experience in radio required—just an enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to pitch in!
  • Become a member CHIRP needs more than just birdseed to run the station. Show your support by becoming a member today!
  • Share your story What does CHIRP Radio mean to you? Let us know and we may feature your story in future materials!

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Erin Van Ness writesWhat CHIRP Radio Means to Me: Why I Volunteer

We often say that CHIRP is built upon the backbone of our supporters and run on the blood, sweat, and tears of our passionate volunteers. But who are these amazing people, these givers and believers? Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the stories of real volunteers and donors who explain why they give their time and/or money to make sure that local, independent, community radio is possible.

Keep Reading…

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Clarence Ewing - The Million Year Trip writesCHIRP News Launches New Series: Person of Interest

CHIRP News is releasing its first on-going series featuring the voices of people from all around Chicago. News Director Dan Epstein and series producer Whitney Henry-Lester provide their perspectives on what they hope to achieve and what CHIRP listeners can expect to hear.

Dan Epstein – Director, CHIRP News
If you’re thinking we’re producing a radio version of the CBS television series of the same name, I hope you’re not disappointed to hear that’s not the case.

So why “Person of Interest?”

The title is a deliberate attempt to appropriate the phrase law enforcement likes to use to describe people who aren’t yet officially suspects. Despite its degree of separation from “suspect,” this phrase now shares the power of “suspect.”

If you’re labeled a “person of interest,” you might as well be an actual suspect. We want to free “person of interest” of its scarlet letter quality by seeking out the “people” part of “person” and the “pay attention to” part of “interest.”

As a news organization, we try to bring you stories about what’s happening in our community. We talk to people who are involved in activities that shape our culture, our public policies, our work, our leisure.

But as a community radio station, we feel it’s necessary also to talk to you, your neighbors, your fellow Chicagoans about how news-making events affect you, about how you’re getting along, about what’s on your mind.

Person of Interest is produced by a team of reporters from CHIRP’s News Department. We have Whitney Henry-Lester, who’s worked with NPR’s Story Corps, Meg Whedbee and Iris Lin. They’ve been traveling around the city asking people if they’d like to sit down and have a chat. Despite shoving a microphone in people’s faces, they can still make people comfortable enough to talk about such things as meditation and how they’ve recovered from breaking their neck.

So take a listen. Tell us what you think. And if you know someone we should talk to, drop us a line at

Whitney Henry-Lester – Person of Interest Producer
I admit it, I don’t know the name of my next door neighbor. Actually, I feel like I know more strangers on Twitter than people in my building.

It’s not because I don’t care or because I’m rude or unfriendly, but rather, I live in a buzzing city of millions of (busy) people. And I’ll never be able to meet all of them, let alone have a conversation.

Chicago has millions of people coexisting on one big plot of land, all with different backgrounds, jobs, hobbies, dreams, musical tastes, stories. And yet we tend to hang out with the same people, hear from the same people on the news.

This is an attempt to listen to the people around us rather than those in the headlines. Person of Interest is that person you see on the train or at a cafe or in the park that makes you wonder, “Who are you?” Person of Interest is your barista, your taxi driver, your next door neighbor. It’s not breaking news, but collectively it’s the real story of our city.

Click here for a complete list of Person of Interest stories.

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